Looking to increase your Instagram bio links?

Maybe you want to increase multiple links to your Instagram account because you publish web sites, run a live video show, have your own podcast and even more?

  • Unfortunately, Instagram only lets you add one link in the Instagram account.
  • Typically, more accounts add their website street address.
  • What do you do if you want to add more links?

In this article, you will learn with regards to five tools to increase your Instagram bio links.

That way you can have multiple links in your Instagram bio and don’t have to wear changing your bio link each time you want to promote something towards your followers on your Instagram channel.

Let’s take a look at five instruments you can use to help you add multiple links to your Instagram bio.

Tools For Increasing Your Instagram Bio Links

1 . Linktree for Instagram

The first tool you can use to add more hyperlinks to your Instagram bio is called Linktree.

Linktree dashboardSave

  • Using Linktree, you can use their service to quickly add up to 5 backlinks to a single Instagram account.
  • You do this by adding back links in your Linktree account.
  • They give you a custom URL that you may add to your Instagram account.
  • Here is a video showing you precisely how multiple URLs in bio works.