Granite Countertops

Fantasy Brown is a Indian rock. This is only one of the most sought after substance from India.

The majority of individuals are perplexed that it needs to be known as marble or it needs to be known as granite. It has every similarity to both granite and marble. Here we strive to learn what is it precisely.

The physical evaluation of the stone indicates it’s plenty of calcium carbonate. The calcium carbonate is one of the principal part any rock for a marble. This rock has a great deal of calcium carbonate with protein. However, it has an excellent proportion of quartz also. This granite makes the rock more difficult to cut. On the other hand, the proportion of quartz isn’t really much and this substance is cut marble gangsaw. The cutting of the stone isn’t really hard and we could cut this rock on ordinary marble gangsaw. This is only one of the reason it’s more of a marble compared to granite.

The physical evaluation of the stone implies that the hardness of the stone is under granite degree. This is a simple to cut rock. The glow of the material after polishing isn’t just like of granite. Granite is a really difficult substance as a result of quartz richness. The polishing of the marble is completed on marble polishers. It doesn’t want thick granite polishers. Additionally during gloss, it’s been discovered that this substance has a great deal of slurry portion. The dream brown doesn’t have the strength that’s seen in granite. It has to be packed from the internet on the backside since it is a delicate and soft material. The internet binds this substance and doesn’t let to crack.

Aside from the chemical and the physical evaluation, the visual appeal of this gorgeous rock is similar to marble. Unlike granite, it’s different patterns and colours. Granite is much more consistent in designs.


After conducting evaluations we’ve got a last verdict which the dream brown is a gorgeous solid marble, but it’s for sure not a granite. We ought to call this substance Fantasy Brown Marble rather than Fantasy Brown Granite.